International Economic History

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In this course we will study the historical development of the world economy from 1850 to the present and its foundations in economic policy. First, we will examine the major historical trends in world trade, the international monetary system and international finance and investment. Then, to understand the trade, monetary and financial policies of different countries, we will discuss the role of international and domestic elements. Finally, we will reflect on the effects of international economic policies on the growth and stability of the world economy.[4]

Lectures[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Introductory aspects of the International Economic History Course

Introduction to the International Economic History Course

Between Free Trade and Protectionism: 1846 - 1914

International triumph of the gold standard: 1871 - 1914

International Finance and Investment: 1860 - 1914

New Challenges in International Trade: 1914 - 1929

New monetary and financial order: 1914 - 1929

Dark history for the world economy: 1930 - 1945

Crises and regulations: 1930 - 1945

Divided trade policies: 1946 - 1973

Bretton Woods System: 1944 - 1973

Money, Finance and the World Economy: 1974 - 2000

Trade and the World Economy: 1974 - 2000

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