Critical approaches to international relations

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This course aims to deepen the knowledge of the contemporary international system and its evolution, using the various analytical tools offered by theories of international relations. The focus will be on understanding the diversity of international actors and the complex nature of their interactions in an international system profoundly transformed by the end of the Cold War. In particular, based on the study of regional integration processes and the consideration of the phenomena of globalization, an attempt will be made to distinguish the challenges facing the traditional model of sovereignty today from the limits of the very concept of international relations based on a dualism between the internal and the external.[9]

Cours[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Introduction to critical approaches to international relations

Sociology of the discipline of international relations

Norms in international relations

Globalizations: definition and situation

Globalization: circulation between imperialism and cosmopolitan strategies

Otherness in international relations

The concept of domination in international relations

Humanitarian action: between action and intervention

The concept of development in international relations

Security and international relations

Surveillance and international relations

War and international relations

War, peace and politics in Africa since the end of the Cold War

Borders in international politics

The borders of Europe

Mobility and international relations

To conclude the course of critical approaches to international relations

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