Introduction to geography: from local to global

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This course is an introduction to academic and university geography. It was built to show the positioning of this discipline in the field of social, economic and political sciences. It is built around the following objectives:

  • familiarize students with the questions and tools of contemporary academic geography.
  • train students to reflect on the spatial dimension of social, economic and political facts and to master geographical scales of analysis, in particular in the present context of globalisation, territorial recomposition, activation of new borders and metropolisation.[11]

This course is structured around four themes: modelling spatial relations, location of economic activities, regional economic development and economic aspects of transport..[12]

Cours[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

Geography: from local to global

South Africa: Geography in Power

City and Urbanization

Regionalization or the art of cutting

The border: a fetish object of political geography, fluctuating forms and effects

Centre - periphery relations in geography

Toponymy: the study of place names in political geography

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