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Test svg image[edit | edit source]

Error creating thumbnail: convert: delegate failed `"rsvg-convert" -o "%o" "%i"' @ error/delegate.c/InvokeDelegate/1310. convert: unable to open image `/tmp/magick-10540T6AIFsVYxigF': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2712. convert: unable to open file `/tmp/magick-10540T6AIFsVYxigF': No such file or directory @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/540. convert: no images defined `PNG:/home/clients/61af0a05eeab57ec5afbeaa101fa9a76/tmp/transform_641776047591.png' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3210.

test model[edit | edit source]

En construction !!

Ce cours est en construction. Du contenu arrive prochainement...

Instant common[edit | edit source]

Neptune Full