Political Theory

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Political Theory
Professeur(s) Matteo Gianni[1]


This course will address fundamental moral and political theories that will provide the basic understanding tools to address more recent theories. In particular, the course will focus on teleological theories (in Aristotelian and utilitarian versions) and ethical theories (theory of rights and Kantian universalism). Other approaches, such as the theory of supererogation and the theory of stages of moral development, will also be discussed.

Courses[edit | edit source]

What is political theory? Epistemological implications

What is political theory? Meta-ethical issues

The egalitarian theory of distributive justice by John Rawls

The theory of rights by Robert Nozick

The theory of resources equality by Ronald Dworkin

The theory of capabilities of Amartya Sen and Marta Nussbaum

The communitarian perspective

The multiculturalist perspective

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