Economic and Social History of the Third World

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General Introduction

Chapter 1 - The major stages of European expansion from the 16th to the 20th centuries

Part I. An assessment of the costs of owning the world

Chapter 2 - Costs of the first European expansion (16th-18th centuries)

Chapter 3 - Costs of the second European expansion (18th-20th centuries): Asia and Africa conquered by themselves

Part II. Colonisation and economic growth of European metropolises: British and French case studies

Chapter 4 - Great Britain: Colonization and the English Industrial Revolution

Chapter 5 - Great Britain: The Largest of Empires at the Service of a Dominant Economy

Chapter 6 - France and its empire: a history tinged with suspicion

Part III. Assessing Colonial Impact: American, Asian and African Case Studies

Chapter 7 - Colonization, Institutions and Inequalities of Development in the Americas

Chapter 8 - India to the test of British domination

Chapter 9 - French Algeria: the destructive nature of a "mixed" colony

Chapter 10 - Sub-Saharan Africa sick of colonization?

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